An App for ADHD: CP On Time

What is CP On Time?

CP On Time is an iPhone app, created by Jennie Byrne, MD, PhD. Dr.Byrne, a psychiatrist specializing in adult ADHD, created this app help adults with ADHD with time management: specifically, to get to work, school, or any appointment of each day on time – or to get to bed on time. The app, at an affordable $3.99, prompts the user to enter their personal bedtime, morning, or other routines, along with an estimate of time for each task in the routine, such as shower, brushing teeth, waking the children, etc. The app then asks the user to enter the time of the relevant appointment (or bedtime), and how late the user was the day before. Based on all of this data, we have created a formula to automatically set the alarm clock for the time that they need to start their routine, in order to be on time for their appointment or bedtime.

CP On Time is designed to set a wakeup alarm, a bedtime alarm, and/or as many customized alarms as needed throughout the day. The app was developed to be flexible, to work with any schedule and to accommodate the needs of any adult with ADHD.

CP On Time:- An App for ADHD Screen-Shot Who Can Benefit from CP On Time?

Any adult with ADHD who has trouble making it to appointments or work on time can benefit from CP On Time. Whether you are a professional with the same start time each day, a mom who is running errands with the kids, or a student with ADHD with a different class start each morning, CP On Time will help you make it to your appointments on time, and may help you become more in touch with your routines and overall time management.

Why Choose CP On Time?

ADHD doesn’t have to interrupt your life or make you late. With the proper tools, adults with ADHD can become better at time management and making it to appointments on time. However, these tools can be expensive. At just $3.99, CP On Time is an affordable tool, designed by an adult psychiatrist with extensive experience treating ADHD, that may help you manage your morning routine more effectively and get where you need to be on time. CP On Time has been extensively updated to incorporate user feedback, making it a highly effective tool.

How to Use the App

Using CP On Time is easy. Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Set your time management skills: Major Problem, Needs Help, or Under Control. (This is an important part of our algorithm, allowing us to customize your alarm for your needs.)
  2. Decide what alarm you want to set: morning, bedtime, or a new alarm that you’ll create.
  3. Enter the tasks you must perform before the designated appointment or bedtime, along with an estimate of time for each. This will create your customized routine & timeframe. (This routine can be changed whenever necessary.)
  4. Enter how late you were for your appointment (or bed) on the previous day.
  5. Enter the time of your appointment or bedtime.
  6. CP On Time will automatically set an alarm for the appropriate time for you to wake up and get to your first appointment on time!

Helpful Tips:

  1. To add a new alarm, select Set Alarms – Add New Alarms. Set your alarm, then create the related Routine.
  2. Customize the ringtone, volume, and vibrations for your alarm anytime via Settings – Change Alarms.
  3. If your time management skills change, update them via Settings – Time Management Skills.
  4. Alarms can be Paused or Unpaused anytime via Confirmation screen.